Days From The Start

1. Applicant should read the related Brochure, <Exhibit Space Application/Contract>, the <Exhibitor Manual> and other relevant information and complete the <Exhibit Space Application/Contract> realistically and clearly. Submitting of this <Exhibit Space Application/Contract> is deemed as recognition of the contract.

2. Organizer reserves the right to decide if to accept the application or not, according to actual situation (for instance, whether the hall is full, whether exhibits meet the requirements etc.). The applicant who pays first has the priority to choose the position of booth, but organizer reserves the right to consult with applicant and eventually adjust the position of booth.

3. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the size and position of booth; to prolong or shorten the exhibition; to relocate the booth. The behaviors above should not be the reasons for cancelling the contract.

4. Booth should be booked in accordance with the procedures mentioned in our related information. Applicant should remit the booth rental fee to the account of organizing committee (as below). Remitter name must be a company name. Personal remittances will not be accepted. Please give clear indication of “CEMENTTECH” when you remit money to organizer and fax the Swift Receipt/Payment Receipt/Bank Receipt to the organizer office. The organizer will invoice you after your payment. If applicant cancels the order, front money will not be refunded.

5. Definition for exhibitors: The definition should be in accordance with the being displayed product’s / technical service’s / project's trademark initial registration address. If the trademark initial registration address is in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), then the exhibitor should be acknowledged as a domestic enterprise; If the trademark initial registration address is not in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), then the exhibitor should be acknowledged as an international enterprise.

6. If payment is not finished before the deadline mentioned in the contract (Jun 10, 2024), or applicant breaches of agreement, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the agreement and reorder the booth. The related cost should be paid by applicant. The organizer reserves the right of refundment.

7. Applicant shall promptly provide the related company profiles, the content of news release conference, advertising samples to the organizer for the promo. If this is not available, it will be deemed as a renunciation of the service. In the case of notification, the organizer has the right to make the appropriate changes on the condition of layout situation, exhibition requirements and relevant regulations and laws of People’s Republic ofChina.

8. Organizer will send "Exhibitor Manual" by mail or e-mail to exhibitors, in " Exhibitor Manual " , the details of the schedule of meetings, booth construction and dismantlement, exhibits transportation, hotel & transportation, journal information, goods rental, raw space construction, water & electricity application, and so on will be given to applicant.

9. If the applicants do not register during the move-in days without giving any reason, the organizers reserve the right to handle the related booth and reserve the right of refundment.

10. Organizer provides the indoor standard booth with standard configuration, indoor and outdoor raw space renter should construct the booth themselves and pay related fee. Booth plans, programs, drawings of indoor and outdoor applicant should be consistent with the requirements of organizer, exhibition hall, and the fire authority. Exhibitors must submit the plans, programs, drawings to the related exhibition hall department. The Organizing Committee has the right to remove or adjust the booth which does not meet the relevant requirements of the booth design; the costs will be the applicant's responsibility. The construction and dismantlement of booth should be finished before the deadline which will be mentioned in < Exhibitor Manual >, if not, the costs will be the applicant's responsibility.

11. Applicant should strictly abide by <Patent Law of the People's Republic of China>, <Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China> and other related laws of the People's Republic of China. The booth can not be used for other applications or leased to others; otherwise the organizer reserves the right to stop the participation status of applicant in any time, and non-refund participation fee.

12. Applicant should not move out or leave the booth unattended for no reason during the exhibition. During the move-out time, applicants should handle the procedures of organizers and exhibition center.

13. All applicants are entitled to acquire the free services mentioned in agreement. During the tradeshow, exhibitors have the right to ask for an improvement of services or give constructive comments to improve the services of organizing committee, exhibition hall, construction vendor, transportation vendor, catering, security, etiquette, and translation services commissioned by organizing committee.

14. Organizer provides all the services as a standard procedure, if applicant abandons them, the cost which caused by these services will not be refunded.

15. During the tradeshow, the exhibitors should be responsible for the safety of their staffs, property, and exhibits.

16. Exhibitors should protect the exhibits, property, staffs, equipments from stealing, fire and other force majeure accident by purchasing insurance.

17. Organizer will not be responsible for the damage caused by the force majeure liable.  For reasons of force majeure, the organizer has the right to postpone, shorten, extend or cancel the show. Depending on particular case, organizer reserves the right to refund part of the fees which already paid by applicant or not refund it. Organizer is immune from taking responsibility for any further damage which caused by the behaviors mentioned above.

18. Uncovered issues should be settled under the related laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China, Beijing authority, and exhibition hall.